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Moscow river

Boat excursions for foreigners

An excursion for foreigners along the Moscow River is a favorite entertainment for guests of the capital. It is equally pleasant to hide from the summer heat and spring rain on a river ship: to hide under the roof of the ship and watch the smooth flow of the river. We offer excursions for foreigners along the Moscow River, where you can not only have a good time, but also learn a lot of new things.

Excursions on a ship for foreigners are an opportunity to see the capital from a new angle, learn new facts about architecture, and take vivid pictures. Our professional guides in any language of the world will tell you who built this or that building and when, and draw your attention to the most significant cultural heritage sites.

A tour for foreigners along the Moscow River is a very popular tour also because you can discuss important issues in a pleasant atmosphere or just talk about everything. The element sets in a calm mood, helps to restore strength. It is also a great way to introduce guests to the capital in an unusual way: from the ship you can see the main sights: the Moscow Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the skyscrapers of Moscow City and many others. 

By the way, boat trips for foreigners are also an opportunity to explore one of the oldest rivers in Russia: the course of the Moskva River was formed more than 12 thousand years ago. For a long time, river transport was one of the most important in Rus’. So they traveled along the Moscow River to Novgorod and Smolenka, set off on a journey to reach the Volga or the Don. But the elements also brought inconvenience to the inhabitants of the city: the river often overflowed, and the city suffered serious losses – it was necessary to restore buildings damaged by water.

Excursion along the Moscow River for foreigners

On a tour of the Moscow River for foreigners, they will not only tell you about the history of the river, but also share interesting stories about Stalin’s skyscrapers, tell legends about the capital. Professional guides will answer any question you are interested in, and comfortable transport will make the trip as convenient as possible.

The Moscow River holds many mysteries and secrets. For example, it is still not known exactly how its name appeared. There is an opinion that the root of the word once meant either swamp, or mud, or tortuosity. However, this does not make the river less beautiful.

More than 20 bridges have been laid across the Moscow River, which are especially beautiful in the evening and at night: with hundreds of lights, they look almost like New Year’s toys. One of the most beautiful is the Crimean Bridge, located next to Gorky Park. An unusual, incomparable view opens up on it from the ship.

On the tour, you can see many ancient monasteries and temples that were once located by the river. Now the Moscow River has practically no banks of its own: it is lined with slabs and granite. But you can dream up and imagine how it was then, in the old days: a temple or a cathedral was located above the bank of a winding river, and from every window one could see the boundless and infinitely beautiful Russian nature. Guests of the capital are impressed by the architecture of Novodevichy, Andreevsky, Danilov, Novospassky and other monasteries.

We invite you to a tour for foreigners along the Moscow River, which will not only be a bright event, but will also reveal many new amazing facts. You will be able to take unusual pictures from the ship and see the capital from a new angle.


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