The excursion agency “KremlinTour” offers you to go on an unforgettable journey through the Armory – a unique museum-treasury that has no analogues in the whole world. This journey will become one of the brightest events in your life. You will see the ceremonial things of the royal family, collections of articles made of precious metals by Russian and foreign craftsmen, monuments of weapons art, as well as many other bewitching and amazing exhibits that were kept for many years in the royal treasury and the patriarchal sacristy.

Individual and group excursions to the Armory

The Armory Chamber is housed in a building that was built by the architect Konstantin Ton and is part of the Grand Kremlin Palace complex. The first mention of it in history dates back to 1547, but then it was not a chamber, but a weapons department where weapons were stored. It was only in 1560 that the vault acquired the name “Armory”. During our tour, you will learn how its history developed, who replenished the museum’s stocks, and also about the building itself, which is included in the list of the most beautiful buildings in Moscow and, truly, is a masterpiece of architecture. Here you will see collections that have been collected by our ancestors for centuries and have survived to this day almost in their original form.
The richest exposition of the Armory is located in 9 halls on two floors. In the spacious halls, every tourist will be able to admire the products of Russian and Western European masters made of silver and gold of the 17th – 20th centuries. The following is a collection of carriages. The unique exposition has no analogues all over the world. It includes 24 sample crews of various craftsmen. The highlight of the collection is the summer carriage of Catherine II in the form of a gondola.

Of particular value are precious fabrics – samples of gold-embroidered art, as well as ceremonial royal clothes of the 14th – 20th centuries. Of particular admiration and genuine interest among tourists are the halls in which the state regalia of Russian tsars are presented. Here you can see in detail the most extensive collection of symbols of the state monarchy, the main exhibit of which is the Monomakh’s hat. It was with this dress that they crowned the kingdom of Russian tsars, up to Peter I. Here you can also find a unique double throne, which also belonged to the period of the beginning of the reign of Peter I.

Excursions to the Armory for schoolchildren will be especially interesting. Models of sovereigns on horseback and armor look very realistic. They are a visual educational tool that will interest any child. Monuments of the military glory of the Russian state, weapons of various eras and military trophies will not leave indifferent either a child or an adult.

The unique decoration of the museum is the collection of imperial Easter surprises by Carl Faberge. The Easter eggs presented in the Armory are striking in their beauty, and the secret that lies inside deserves admiration. These exhibits are not just a colossal material, but also a cultural value of the entire Russian state.

A visit to the Armory is included in the mandatory list of museums for an educated person. Moreover, it is better to see this amazing and, indeed, unique collection with your own eyes, and a walk through the halls of the Armory will become a bright, unforgettable experience that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Prices for tickets to the Armory and the schedule of excursions can be found on our website, as well as from our managers at the indicated phone numbers. Tickets for the GOP can be purchased at the Kremlin box office in the Alexander Garden.

The Armory is a unique museum that everyone will be interested in visiting. This tour will become a pleasant memory that you will share with your loved ones more than once.
During the tour to the Armory you will see:
  • The famous “Cap of Monomakh”
  • Gold and silver items
  • 24 samples of carriages made by various craftsmen
  • collection of ceremonial vestments of Russian crowned persons


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