Kremlin Dungeons

The Kremlin Dungeons are a mysterious world hiding under the famous walls of the Moscow Kremlin. They are a kind of labyrinth in which historical artifacts and secrets related to the history of Russia are stored.

The dungeons began to be built in the XII century along with the construction of the first stone fortifications. At first, there were several rooms used to store grain and other food supplies, as well as to shelter the population in case of an enemy attack. However, over time, the Kremlin’s dungeons expanded, their system became more complex and intricate.

In the XIV century, the Kremlin’s dungeons acquired military significance. It was possible to hide in them not only in case of an enemy attack, but also in case of internal unrest in the capital. In the XV century, large basements began to be built, in which Kazan furnaces were installed, which were used to heat the premises. In the XVI century, the Kremlin’s dungeons became even more important, since they housed the main Moscow arsenal. In the XVII century, the dungeons began to be used as prisons, and in the XVIII century, the Chief Engineer of the Administration of the capital, Gasfort, commissioned underground passages to survey the foundations of the Kremlin buildings and fire protection.

Today, the Kremlin’s dungeons are one of the main architectural attractions of Russia. Various museum exhibits related to the history of the castle and the state as a whole are kept within their walls. In addition, many excursions and tours are held in the dungeons for tourists and guests of the capital.

Among the most famous and significant dungeons of the Kremlin is the Vodovzvodnaya Tower, located in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral. It has two entrances and is very popular among tourists and history lovers. Also worth noting is the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located on the slope of Borovitsky Hill. This is one of the oldest buildings in the Moscow Kremlin, originally built as a residential building, and then modified and converted into a church. Today, the Resurrection Gate has become the entrance to the Kremlin’s dungeons and numerous expositions and museums have been created where people can see an ancient arsenal of weapons, a collection of beautiful silver jewelry and portraits of famous people.

The dungeons next to the Faceted Chamber were built only in the XIX century, on the site of a previously existing stone building. After the revolution of 1917, they were equipped with a large repository of books and artifacts, including exhibits related to religion, as well as icons and sacred volumes. At the moment, the dungeons are a museum object, in which excursions and tours are constantly held.

In addition, there are other interesting places in the Kremlin’s dungeons. For example, the Chamber of Clothing of the Golden Horde, where you can see the order-bearing shroud of Batu of Kazan. Documents related to the sale and exchange of land plots were also stored here. The main building of the Museum of Weapons is located in the Kremlin dungeon. Various automatic, both modern-made and historical weapons that were used in military conflicts in Russia are on display here.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the dungeons of the Kremlin are fascinating and mysterious. There you can go on a journey through the history of Russia, passing through many mysterious rooms and mysterious corridors. This place has a huge cultural and historical significance for Russia and is a mandatory stop for everyone who visits the Moscow Kremlin.

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