Bolshoi Theater

Excursion to he Bolshoi Theater

KremlinTour invites everyone to visit one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and one of the main attractions of Moscow – the Bolshoi Theater. Together with our guide, you can walk around the halls of the theater, learn the history of the founding of this amazing place, visit the royal box, as well as attend a rehearsal and maybe even meet a prima ballerina. It is here that you can plunge headlong into the atmosphere of art directly related to history. Don’t miss this unique chance to take a look behind the scenes of one of the greatest theaters in the world.

Behind the scenes of the Bolshoi Theater

The most famous and largest theater in Russia was built over two hundred years ago. Its history began in 1776 as a private theater of Prince Urusov. Today, Bolshoy, as Muscovites call it, has gained worldwide fame and is an object of Russia’s cultural heritage.

The construction of the Bolshoi was completed in 1780, when its grand opening took place. This building was repeatedly subjected to fires and destruction. It has been restored and rebuilt many times. The hands of many famous architects were attached to its reconstructions. To date, the building of the Bolshoi is not only the largest and most famous in Russia, but also the most modern and technically equipped. During the last reconstruction, which lasted from 2005 to 2011, the theater was improved with the latest stage technology, expanded underground and completely restored. The external and internal historical appearance of the building was completely revived.

Today, as it has been for two centuries, the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theater is replete with a variety of ballet performances and operas. After opening in 2011, it was overwhelmed by a new, even greater wave of popularity. Obtaining opera tickets has become very expensive and difficult. But thanks to the guided tours, there is a real opportunity to visit the walls of this amazing building.

During the excursion to the Bolshoi Theater you will be able to see the Historical Stage and examine the huge auditorium, decorated with gold leaf, red velvet and a crystal chandelier of incredible size. You will visit the royal box and the Imperial foyer and enjoy the beauty of the interior, unique mosaics, tapestries from the time of Catherine II, frescoes and paintings. An excursion to the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow will be a grand event for both adults and school-age children. After all, this unique building keeps a considerable number of secrets and is a witness to the historical events of any era.

The guides will tell you about the first performances, about famous opera singers and tenors who visited the famous stage, tell you how the multi-ton decorations are installed and where they are stored, and also guide you through the underground hall. You can take a lot of beautiful photos and chat with the ballerinas, as well as see with your own eyes the preparations for the evening performance.



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