Diamond Fund and Armory

Excursions for foreigners to the Armory and the Diamond Fund

What is worth knowing before buying tickets to the Diamond Fund and the Armory for foreigners? Let’s start with the fact that the Moscow Kremlin museums are among the most popular excursions. The Armory and the Diamond Fund are especially popular: the collections of these museums are not only interesting from a historical point of view, but also unusually beautiful. And if you remember that it is there that unique exhibits are stored that have no analogues (for example, the Monomakh’s hat and the largest diamond of 342.57 carats), then there will be no doubt that you should definitely visit these museums.

We will help not only to purchase tickets for foreign tourists to the Armory or the Diamond Fund, but also provide the best professional guides who know everything about museum exhibits and the history of Russia. Such an excursion will be not only interesting, but also useful – you will learn a lot of new things and upon arrival home you will definitely have something to surprise your friends and relatives. Still – you visited one or two of the most important Museums of the Moscow Kremlin.

Tickets to the Diamond Fund for foreigners

It is not for nothing that the Diamond Fund is included in the list of the most important museums in the capital: its collection contains two imperial crowns, the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called, a scepter, orb and other coronation regalia. They not only reflect the spirit of the times, but are also distinguished by their extraordinary beauty. So in the big imperial crown there are 4,936 diamonds, which weigh about 2 kilograms. It is amazing how such splendor was only kept on the head of the rulers.

Another unique exhibit of the Diamond Fund is the scepter with the Orlov diamond. There is a legend that for some time this stone adorned the statue of Barma in India. It was stolen by a French officer, and then the diamond was bought by a Russian count and presented to Catherine II as a gift. On an excursion to the Diamond Fund for foreigners, you will be told many more amazing stories about many of the exhibits.

Tickets to the Armory for foreigners

No less amazing is the collection of the Armory: caftans of the era of Peter the Great, dresses of queens, the throne of Ivan the Terrible, and, of course, Monomakh’s hat. It was she who was crowned for the reign of all the kings before Peter I. He changed the tradition of coronation, marking the advent of a new era. And the double throne of Peter and Ivan? This is truly a unique monument.

stories! It was equipped with a small door and a room where, according to legend, Queen Sophia or her assistants hid to tell the little princes what to say.

On an excursion to the Armory for foreigners, we introduce the guests of the capital to the main milestones in the history of the Russian state, pay attention to important

to the museum’s most important exhibits, we tell stories and legends. Under the guidance of the best guides in Moscow, the tour becomes so exciting that it flies by like a moment. By the way, the Armory has been open to the public since 1806. True, at the beginning of the 19th century, only nobles could study its exhibits. Today, the doors of the museum are open to all comers, tours of the Armory for foreign tourists are held.

At the moment, the museum houses more than 4,000 exhibits from the 12th to the 19th centuries: books, armor, weapons, and even a collection of carriages. So in the Armory you can see one of the oldest carriages in Russia – the carriage of the 17th century. Even now it looks royal: swan down, velvet, gilding. One can only imagine how it looked four centuries ago, when its owners raced on business of national importance.

We offer you excursions to the Armory, where you will get acquainted with real historical monuments. You can also choose to tour the Diamond Fund for Foreigners if you want to see the magnificence of the museum’s collection. Each of the tours is carefully designed, so you don’t have to worry about anything: just buy tickets for our tours and let us take care of your vacation.

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