Faceted Chamber

Excursion to the Palace of Facets

Гранитовая палата в Москве - Экскурсии

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To make a fascinating and unforgettable journey into the past, to plunge headlong into the history of the Kremlin offers you a tour agency “KremlTour”. Professional guides, historical guides will tell you interesting facts from the history of the creation of a unique museum, historical, artistic and socio-political complex, located in the very center of Moscow. You can visit museums and exhibitions, as well as chambers, among which one of the most ancient and historically significant civil buildings is the Chamber of Facets.

Excursion to the Palace of Facets and the Grand Kremlin Palace

A real Russian fairy tale begins with a visit to the Faceted Chamber. Having crossed the threshold of this amazing building, you immediately feel yourself somewhere in the 16th century during the time of Ivan the Terrible and the boyars. The architecture of this building fascinates with its beauty and unique decoration. vaulted ceilings,

painted images of saints, huge chandeliers with carved decorations, crimson velvet and a double-headed eagle embroidered with gold, all these are witnesses of the most important historical events of those times.

The Faceted Chamber is of great interest to all visitors. This is not surprising, because it is the oldest Kremlin ceremonial hall, and the events that took place here are of great historical significance. Built back in 1487-1491 by the architects Marco Ruffo and Pietro Antonio Solari, it has become a real work of art. It hosted Zemsky Sobors, Boyar Dumas and other historical events that played a significant role in the creation of Russia as a state.

The very name “Faceted” Chamber received due to the facade, which is decorated with tetrahedral white limestone. The coronation of many tsars, ceremonies of high solemn levels for Russian princes and emperors took place in the huge hall. As many years ago, today it remains functional, events are held here with the participation of the first persons of the state.

During tours of the Faceted Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin, one can note the unique feature of the building. It consists in a system of cross vaults, which rest on one central pillar. The vaults are painted with biblical frescoes. On them you can trace events from the creation of the world to the life of Russian rulers. The Holy Vestibule and the threshold of the Faceted Chamber were very solemnly and magnificently decorated. On the south side of the facade there is a staircase or “Red Porch”, along which Russian tsars and emperors descended for the coronation in the Assumption Cathedral.

Corporate excursions to the Chamber of Facets

An excursion to the Faceted Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin creates an indescribable experience, which is emphasized by interesting facts and fascinating stories of professional guides-historians and tour guides from the KremlinTour agency. Visit a unique architectural monument with us. We will reveal to you the secrets of the Royal Family, explore every corner of the hall and take stunning photographs that will remind you of an unforgettable excursion to the Palace of Facets.

You can find ticket prices and excursion schedules on our website, as well as from our managers at the indicated phone numbers. A visit to the Palace of Facets is part of a bright and interesting journey to the Grand Kremlin Palace. Don’t forget your passport to visit.

8 (495) 920-48-88, 8(903) 014-07-42

MEETING POINT – Kutafya Tower (service entrance) half an hour before the start of the tour (the time required to pass through the metal detector, the Kremlin territory and passport control).

Each participant of the tour must have an ORIGINAL passport.

Late arrivals are not allowed for an excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace!

Excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace (excursion to the Palace of Facets and solemn halls of the Kremlin) is organized in all major foreign languages for foreign delegations and companies, in Russian for Russian-speaking groups and with translation.

The duration of the guided tour is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Entry time for groups to visit the ceremonial halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace from 10:00 to 15:00


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