Grand Kremlin Palace

Excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace

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Once in Moscow, every tourist first of all visits Red Square, and real researchers reach the most interesting thing in getting to know the capital – they attend an excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace. The excursion agency “KremlinTour” invites you to visit the most interesting places of the amazing palace: the Palace of Facets, the Terem Palace, the chambers of the Empress, as well as the ceremonial halls and the guest building – you can see all this on one excursion and learn a lot of interesting things from the history of the Grand Kremlin Palace from our professional guides-historians and guides.

Grand Kremlin Palace and the Palace of Facets

The Grand Kremlin Palace was built in 1849 by order of Nicholas I and was conceived as a monument to Russian military glory. The construction was headed by the St. Petersburg architect Konstantin Ton. At the end of the construction, which lasted 11 years, a building of amazing beauty and immense size appeared. The total area, which is 25,000 m². Its main façade faces the Moscow River, and the Blagoveshchensky Entrance overlooks the Cathedral Square of the Kremlin. The magnificent decoration of the five ceremonial halls located within its walls deserves special attention and admiration.

More about the Faceted Chamber

The ceremonial halls, according to the idea of Nicholas I, were named after the orders of the Russian Empire and decorated in the appropriate style. An excursion to the ceremonial halls of the Kremlin will be extremely interesting for adults and schoolchildren, and even tourists who have seen more than one palace will like it very much. You will not find such magnificence of colors and patterns, precious stones, gold and silver anywhere else.

For example, the Alexander Hall has a gilded decoration that harmoniously combines with a unique parquet floor made from 30 types of wood, as well as pink marble, velvet and crystal. It was named after the Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky. In the thirties of the XX century, like some other halls, it was destroyed. After the collapse of the USSR, it was carefully restored and returned to its original appearance.

Andreevsky Hall, dedicated to the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called, became the throne and main imperial hall of the Kremlin. At the end of the hall, decorated with gold, there is a throne, above which rises the golden All-Seeing Eye. During the tour of the Kremlin Palace, we will also visit the St. George, Catherine and Vladimir halls, which deserve special attention, and be sure to look into the chambers of the Empress.

The continuation of the excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace will be a trip to the Terem Palace, which is an architectural monument and the first stone royal chambers. Outside, it resembles a house from fairy tales, decorated with carved baskets and white stone frames, colored tiles and a gilded roof. You can see how it is decorated inside with your own eyes by visiting an excursion to the Terem Palace of the Kremlin.

Corporate excursions to the Grand Kremlin Palace

You can find ticket prices, excursion schedules on our website, as well as from our managers at the indicated phone numbers. The company “KremlTour” also conducts VIP tours to the Grand Kremlin Palace upon prior request.

You can order a tour in Russian/foreign language by phone: 8 (495) 920-48-88, 8 (985) 920-48-88

Excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace (excursion to the Palace of Facets and solemn halls of the Kremlin) is organized in all major foreign languages for foreign delegations and companies, in Russian for Russian-speaking groups and with translation.

!To enroll in a group, you must provide the full name of each participant, series and passport number.

Group gathering – Kutafya tower (tablet – service entrance)

  • Each participant of the tour must have an original passport
  • Permissible age of children from 10 years
  • Time of excursions in the solemn halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace from 10:00 to 15:00
  • Group up to 20 people
  • Photography during the tour is partially allowed.

CLOTHING: shorts are not allowed during summer.

IMPORTANT! backpacks, edged weapons, gas cartridges, piercing and cutting objects cannot be brought into the territory of the Kremlin.

Photo review of the excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace:

Excursion program to the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Palace of Facets:

  • The Faceted Chamber – one of the few surviving parts of the royal court, built at the end of the 15th century by Ivan III, was a grand throne room. Over the centuries, many major events in the life of the Russian state have been celebrated here. The visit is included in the ticket price for an excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace.
  • Andreevsky Hall – The Throne Room dedicated to the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called is the most pompous and solemn of all the front rooms.
  • Alexander Hall – got its name in honor of the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky, established by Catherine I in 1725.
  • Vladimirsky Hall is a key architectural element of the Grand Kremlin Palace, made in a very interesting way – in the form of an octahedron.
  • St. George’s Hall – the interior of this hall has a unique solemnity, it is decorated with six chandeliers, each weighing three tons, a parquet floor made up of more than twenty types of wood.
  • The premises of the Terem Palace with the Cross Chamber and the Golden Porch
  • Guest Annex (Anteroom)
  • Own half of the Empress’s chambers with an office and a bedchamber.


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