Half Day VIP Program

Half-day VIP excursion program

Excursion to the State Armory

This is one of the parts of the Grand Kremlin Palace complex. The Armory is a museum-treasury, which contains precious items that are closely related to the history of the formation of the Russian state and for centuries constituted the treasury of the royal dynasty of Russia. The collection of carriages that the Armory presents to its visitors has no analogues in the world. Excursions that are held in the museum pay great attention to this section of the exhibition, which includes 24 samples of carriages made by various masters. Among the unique exhibits offered by the Moscow Armory is Catherine II’s summer carriage, reminiscent of a gondola. Of great interest to visitors are the collection of antique clocks, numbering about 200 items, the collection of ceremonial vestments of Russian crowned persons, an extensive collection of orders and medals, which are also represented by to the attention of the guests Armory Chamber. Excursions to this wonderful museum are not only exciting, but also informative, during which visitors learn curious facts that are not reported in history books.

Excursion to the Diamond Fund of Russia

The famous treasures of the Diamond Fund are unique nuggets and products made of precious stones and metals of the 18th-20th centuries, the most significant artistic and historical part of the Gokhran fund of the Russian Federation, a true state treasure.
The central exhibits of the Diamond Fund Museum include the famous seven historical stones weighing from 25 to 398.72 carats: these are the Orlov, Shah and portrait diamonds, giant samples of emerald, Ceylon sapphire, spinel and olive-green chrysolite gem.

The most famous items in the collection are the large and small imperial crowns, the scepter (its upper part is decorated with the Orlov diamond) and the orb, a diamond badge on a chain with a star of the highest order of the Russian Empire.

Any amateur photo and video shooting in the museum is prohibited.

Excursion around the territory of the Kremlin with a visit to the cathedrals

Entering the Kremlin through the exquisite Trinity Gate, you will immediately see the building of the Arsenal, erected under Peter the Great, as well as the captured cannons of Napoleon’s army. Then you will walk along Ivanovskaya Square, you will definitely see the majestic and delightful Senate building, the legendary Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell, whose weight is about 200 tons. During our tour, the vast territory of the Kremlin will appear before you in a new light, you will be especially impressed by the Cathedral Square – the most beautiful and oldest in Moscow! It is surrounded by a majestic ensemble, which includes temples, the Patriarch’s Chambers, the Church of the Deposition of the Robe. These are far from all the historical and architectural delights that will appear before you in all their glory during a tour of the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. For example, you will be blown away by the nearby brilliant residence of the emperors of Russia of the 19th century – the Grand Kremlin Palace. An exciting tour of the Kremlin’s cathedrals will not leave you indifferent! The cathedrals, about which the guide will tell you incredible things during a tour of the Kremlin, were built in the 15-16 centuries, but to this day they are real stunning masterpieces of unique architecture. Annunciation Cathedral – 15th century, extraordinary jasper floor, murals that cannot be repeated today. Well, where else can you see this? Assumption Cathedral – the main temple of the great Russian state. Our guide will tell you how solemn and extraordinarily beautiful weddings to the kingdom took place here, how coronations and burials of patriarchs and metropolitans were performed. Icons, all utensils, murals are world-class relics, about which you will learn a lot of interesting things during a tour of the Kremlin.

Lunch/Dinner at the restaurant

Preference is given only to top-level restaurants in the heart of the capital. Our managers offer an option, and the final choice is up to the guest. A good excursion is not only an intellectual, but also a gastronomic pleasure. That is why lunches, dinners and tastings are often included in tour programs. And when it’s not just a tasting, but a dinner from a famous culinary specialist in a trendy restaurant, it’s a double pleasure. The table is booked by our managers in advance, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

The cost of the VIP tour for half a day:

18,000 rubles (accredited guide, minibus rental) + 3,500 rubles. per person (entrance tickets to the Kremlin museums)
Mini-group from 2 to 6 people
*Lunch/dinner, incl. for a guide-interpreter, paid by the customer additionally.

The cost of each excursion is calculated individually depending on its subject, duration and a number of other factors. The program of the day can be drawn up at the request of tourists and include any museums and sightseeing objects in Moscow, historical sites near Moscow and museums.



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