Monument to Kremlin cadets

The monument to the Kremlin cadets is one of the most significant historical monuments of Russia. It is located on the site where the Battle for the Kremlin took place in 1918, and is dedicated to the heroic efforts of cadets in defending the capital of Russia.

This majestic monument has a height of 14 meters and weighs more than 20 tons. It was established in 1967, after 50 years since the events to which it is dedicated. At the top of the monument there is a statue of a cadet holding the flag of Russia. On the pedestal of the monument there are sculptures of soldiers of the Red Army, as well as inscriptions dedicated to the exploits and sacrifices that had to be suffered in the battle for the Kremlin.

The history of the monument began in 1918, when the Bolshevik troops launched an offensive against Moscow. At that time, the Kremlin was covered with artillery canvases, and its protection was mainly carried out by young cadets from various educational institutions of the country. Using guerrilla methods, they installed arrows on the roofs of houses and set up ambushes on narrow streets that posed the main threat in the event of an attack.

As a result of intense fighting that lasted for many days, several thousand cadets and many civilians were killed. But, thanks to their heroism, the Kremlin remained untouchable.

The monument to the Kremlin cadets is a symbol of patriotism and national pride. He reminds us that the Russian people have a powerful spiritual heritage that allows them to overcome difficulties and resist any enemies. In addition, he calls on us to respect the heroism and sacrifice of our ancestors and to preserve this heritage for future generations.

However, not everyone in Russia respects this monument. Some people believe that it is a symbol of military superiority and aggression, not patriotism and pride. They say that this monument creates an atmosphere of militarism in Russia and does not contribute to the development of peace and friendship between peoples.

However, be that as it may, the monument to the Kremlin cadets remains one of the most significant and beloved monuments of Russia. He reminds us that Russia has always been and will always be ready to defend its freedom and independence and is ready to pay for it at any price. And, whatever one may say, this respect for our history and our ancestors contributes to strengthening our moral strength and our national identity.

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