Morozov’s estate in Podsosensky Lane

We invite you to visit the mysterious and inaccessible mansion. Immerse yourself in the beauty, secrets and worlds of the unique architectural and artistic masterpiece of Franz Schechtel and Mikhail Vrubel.

We are waiting for a trip to the mansion of Alexei Vikulovich Morozov – a representative of the famous merchant dynasty, collector and eccentric. He was true to himself and his house to the end.

The decoration of the mansion has survived to our time almost unchanged!

You will enter several worlds at once. Each hall of the estate is decorated in its own style: classical, gothic, Egyptian and others. The ceiling, walls, columns are decorated with many details from which you can’t take your eyes off.

The interiors of the legendary mansion in Podsosensky Lane were created at different times by two remarkable architects: Mikhail Chichagov and Fyodor Shekhtel, and for Morozov’s office, Mikhail Vrubel made three panels based on Goethe’s Faust. The presence of such outstanding names leaves no chance for an ordinary building and indeed, you will discover impressive interiors that have been well preserved to our times. It is about such places that they say – a masterpiece! A gothic-style home library made of precious woods, French tapestries, a jasper fireplace, a marble staircase, an Egyptian-style lobby and a rocaille living room, whimsical wooden figurines of a dwarf and a dragon – all this can be painted for a long time, but it is much more exciting to see this one. with my own eyes. We will see old Gothic clocks, masks of sinners and a table with a secret, door handles with a griffin and mirrored portals that are over a hundred years old. In the mansion you can feel a real carnival of historical eras: mystical Egypt and Russian stoves with tiles, the twilight of airy Gothic and Empire suites.

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