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Excursion to the Moscow metro for foreigners

An excursion for foreigners to the Moscow metro is a chance for guests of the capital to get acquainted with the underground city, which is included in the TOP international ratings in terms of comfort, online information, speed of movement and other parameters. But, what is most surprising, at the same time, the metropolitan subway remains one of the most beautiful in the world. We invite you to a tour of the Moscow metro for foreigners, so that you can see for yourself.

A tour of the metro stations for foreigners is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Moscow. The first metro stations of the capital opened in 1935. Then the architects, probably, could not even imagine how their brainchild would grow: 263 stations, two rings, Moscow diameters. But less than a hundred years ago there were only 13 stations, and trains ran less frequently.

The Moscow metro was built in record time thanks to volunteers: 20 km of the metro took a little more than two years. Still – the Soviet era. Do not forget to take care of the external appearance. True, they remembered this just six months before the opening and hastily began to decorate the stations: bas-reliefs, sculptures, frescoes. Stalin wanted to surprise the guests of the capital with an underground Moscow palace. Perhaps that is why now more than 44 objects of the Moscow metro are considered cultural heritage and are under protection.

It is important to remember that the Moscow metro is, first of all, the most convenient way to travel. It is always crowded and noisy. You can hardly explore all the beauties of the metropolitan metro without the guidance of a professional guide. We made sure that tours of the Moscow metro for foreigners take place at a time when the metro is least crowded, and our guides are equipped with equipment that will help you hear them even in a noisy dungeon.

Excursion in the metro for foreign tourists

In the Moscow metro you can see many amazing exhibits. So at the Belarusian, Dobryninskaya, Kievskaya, Komsomolskaya and other stations you can find fossils of prehistoric animals – nautiluses, ammonites, gastropods. A real underground bunker adjoins the Taganskaya station, which has been classified for a long time. It was built in case of a nuclear explosion, and now anyone can visit it. Another amazing station is Revolution Square. There is a sculpture “Border guard with a dog” on it. Search and rub your dog’s nose as soon as possible – they say that if you make a wish at this moment, it will certainly come true. Sculpture is especially popular with students during exams: everyone tries to grab onto luck. And they also say that a revolver is constantly stolen from a border guard from a sculpture.

On a tour of the Moscow metro for foreigners, we will not only show the most amazing exhibits of the metro, but also tell many amazing stories. So there is a legend that the ring metro line owes its appearance to nothing but an ordinary cup. They say that Stalin, when he listened to the report, drank coffee. Then he put the cup on the subway project, and when he removed it, it left a round mark. So this outline became part of the drawing, and then the most important stations of the Moscow metro.

In the main underground city of Russia, there are many mosaic paintings that surprise foreign guests with their beauty. So you can see the mosaic at the stations “Mayakovskaya”, “Paveletskaya” and many others. They decorate the vaults and walls of the subway.

In the fast rhythm of the Moscow metro it is hard to see all the beauties of the underground palace. We invite you to tours of the Moscow Metro for foreigners to get acquainted with the main sights of one of the best metro in the world.

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