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Excursion to the Ostankino Tower for foreigners

An excursion for foreigners to the Ostankino Tower allows guests of the capital to visit the tallest free-standing structure in Russia. Its height reaches a little more than half a kilometer – 540 m. It is also a unique museum and an unusual observation deck. We invite guests of the capital to a tour of the Ostankino Tower for foreigners, where you can not only climb to a bird’s eye view, but also learn a lot of new things.

An excursion for foreigners to the TV tower is a unique opportunity to see Moscow from a height of 337 meters, take colorful pictures of the capital and even stand on a transparent armored floor at this height. The view from the tower is of extraordinary beauty. Still, in terms of height, the Ostankino Tower is in the TOP-10 of all TV towers in the world.

Accompanying a professional guide during the tour will make the trip interesting: in any language of the world, you will be told about the history of the creation of the TV tower, shared amazing facts and legends. According to one of them, sometimes at night near the tower you can see a hunchbacked old woman – a ghost that appears before trouble. He was allegedly seen in 2000 before the fire in the tower. Some believe that the tower has its own brownie, which, as the guards say, has a capricious disposition. True or not – you decide.

The Ostankino TV Tower is a unique building for many reasons. A 360-degree panorama opens from here, and one of the fastest elevators is located here – they will help you climb the tower at a speed of 7 meters per second. The elevators were changed after the fire – then there was a German system, it was replaced with an even faster and safer one.

An excursion for foreigners to Ostankino is also an opportunity to treat guests of the capital in one of the most unusual restaurants “7 Heaven”. It is located at an altitude of 328 meters and rotates around its axis. You will make a complete revolution without getting up from an easy chair, in just 40 minutes. In the restaurant you can taste delicious dishes of Russian and European cuisine, admiring the best views of Moscow. At the same time, the price of such pleasure will be no higher than a regular dinner in any other restaurant.

Excursion to the Ostankino television center for foreigners

In the tower you can visit the multimedia museum, which became part of the building relatively recently – it was opened just a couple of years ago. In the museum, you can explore in detail the sights of Moscow, which offer a view from Ostankino, visit the meteorological laboratory and even hear the music of the wind. If you want to surprise your guests, welcome to the tour of the Ostankino tower for foreign tourists!

The Ostankino Tower is one of the most striking buildings in the capital. The architect of the building, Nikolai Nikitin, came up with the project in just one night. By the way, Nikitin is also known as the architect of the Main Building of Moscow State University and the Motherland monument. The height of the tower is equal to the height of a house with 180 floors. Surprisingly, with such parameters, the depth of the tower foundation is slightly more than 4 meters.

By the way, the tower itself is primarily a signal source for television channels. At one time, the workers had to spend almost 2 months to properly install all the antennas on it. In 2014, as part of the Around the World festival, the media facade of the Ostankino TV Tower was developed, and now it looks even more beautiful at night than in the daytime. The media façade refreshed the look of the tower, making it brighter and more modern.

A tour of the Ostankino Tower for foreigners is a unique opportunity to visit one of the highest TV towers in the world, see Moscow from a bird’s eye view and learn a lot about the history of the capital.

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