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Tour of Red Square for foreigners

Acquaintance with Moscow cannot do without a tour of Red Square for foreigners. The Kremlin with its star-turrets, the Spasskaya Tower and the chiming clock, the Main Department Store of Russia, St. Basil’s Cathedral – there is nothing here! That is why every guest of the capital must definitely go on a tour of Red Square for foreigners.

Red Square for foreigners is not only the heart of Moscow, but also a historically important place. It begins its history in the XII century. What Red Square did not see: tsars, emperors, boyars, peasants, nobles. In the 16th century, Execution Ground appeared on the square – a small platform. At the Execution Ground, important decrees and orders were read out, executions were sometimes carried out next to it to intimidate the people – so that it was disrespectful to break the laws. And then the square got the name “Fire”, because it burned repeatedly.

St. Basil’s Cathedral is of great importance for foreigners and residents of the capital. This architectural monument was built in the 16th century, and still attracts the eyes of visitors surprised by its beauty. As part of the tour, you will be told about the temple, given time for photography and questions to the guide.

Tour of Red Square with a guide in any language

Red Square is the perfect place to make a wish. It is on it that the zero kilometer is located – a sculpture by Ivan Rukavishnikov. In order for the wish to come true, it is important to follow the formalities: stand on one leg in the center of the zero kilometer so that your back is to the Iberian chapel, take a coin in your left hand and throw it over your left shoulder. When throwing – make a wish. They say it will surely come true.

Red Square is extraordinarily beautiful in winter – it is decorated with thousands of garlands and Christmas balls. She herself seems to be a bright New Year’s toy – so her lights shimmer in the evening. An ice rink is installed in the center of the square, which anyone can visit. There is also a skate rental. Soviet songs are played at the skating rink, everyone is in the most festive mood and it seems as if they traveled in a time machine and ended up in the past. After skiing, you can treat yourself to hot tea or mulled wine.

No less vivid impressions remain with the guests of the capital from visiting Red Square at other times of the year. She was called red because she is beautiful. In the Old Slavonic language, the word “red” did not mean color at all, but beauty. We offer you a tour of Red Square for foreigners, where you will not only learn everything about the history of this amazingly beautiful place, but also be able to ask our professional guides your questions. Tours are conducted in all languages of the world.

On the territory of Red Square there is a Mausoleum with the mummy of the main leader of the Soviet era – Vladimir Lenin. The mausoleum for foreigners has always been a special place, and once, to get here, they had to stand a long line, and now anyone can do it without much time.

Next to Red Square is Theater Square, which is decorated every season in a special style, coming up with a new theme. Alexander Garden is located two minutes from the square, where it is pleasant to stroll both in hot weather and on a cloudy day. In the Alexander Garden, as well as on Red Square, there are many monuments of history and architecture. You can go there immediately after walking around the square. We invite you to a tour of Red Square for foreign tourists, where you will not only be able to see all the sights, but also learn everything about the history of the main square of Russia.

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