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Sightseeing tour for foreigners

A sightseeing tour for foreigners is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the main sights of Moscow in a comfortable environment. We have developed an ideal route, thanks to which you will see historical and cultural monuments, amazing buildings of modern architecture, the main streets of the capital.

A bus tour for foreign guests is a journey in comfortable transport with a highly qualified driver. During the trip, a licensed guide in any language of the world will tell you about the history of Moscow, share interesting stories about the construction of a building, and perhaps even reveal some secret facts about Russia. All this will take place in the most convenient tour mode for you, when you are protected from the scorching rays of the sun, heavy rain or strong wind and nothing prevents you from enjoying the views of the capital.

One of the stops on our sightseeing tour is Red Square. You can walk along one of the oldest squares in Russia, see the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral, take many vivid pictures and buy souvenirs. By the way, Red Square was not named because of its color – for a long time the Kremlin was white stone. “Red” in translation from Old Slavonic means “beautiful”. And, indeed, the square is striking in its beauty: bright turrets, majestic temples, golden domes of churches. In the evening, GUM is especially beautiful – the main store in Moscow. Thousands of lights are lit on it, which turns it into an unusual Christmas tree decoration even in summer.

Excursions for foreigners in Moscow

Moscow is an amazing city where ancient monasteries and old churches coexist next to modern buildings. On the tour you will see the main cathedral of Russia, the center of Russian Orthodoxy – the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. This is a building with an unusual history, which is closely intertwined with the history of the country. In the Soviet years, the temple was demolished, and a swimming pool was located in its place. The cathedral that adorns the capital now is an external copy of the ruined temple.

A sightseeing tour of Moscow is also an opportunity to see the Bolshoi Theatre, the Novodevichy Convent and the Lenin Library. We will be happy to show you the main sights of the capital and tell you a lot of amazing facts about them. Some of these ancient buildings are associated with legends that the guide will share with you.

Despite the huge number of old buildings, Moscow is a modern European city. The skyscrapers of Moscow City are the center of business and the symbol of the capital of the 21st century. The business center is located on Presnenskaya embankment and is designed in the style of modernism. On the tour you will not only see the main business center of Russia, but you will also be able to take unusual photos against its background. By the way, you can climb one of the towers by paying for a tour ticket. After a sightseeing tour, anyone can return to Moscow City and see the capital from a new angle.

Another observation deck is waiting for you on Sparrow Hills. This is one of the favorite places of Muscovites, it offers a view of extraordinary beauty. Well, we will not only show you Sparrow Hills, but also tell you about everything related to the history of this place.

On our tour you will visit Poklonnaya Gora, go to the Patriarchal Bridge, see the Triumphal Arch and other amazing buildings, walk along the oldest streets of Moscow and take many pictures against the backdrop of the best views of the capital. We invite you to a sightseeing tour with an individual guide, which will be a highlight for any tourist.



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