Tours to Suzdal for foreigners

If you dreamed of seeing not Russia, but Rus’ with its majestic churches, endless nature and amazing traditions, there is nothing better than going on a tour for foreigners to Suzdal. This is a beautiful city of the Golden Ring of Russia, which will surprise even those travelers who come to the country far from the first time.

An excursion for foreigners to Suzdal will be equally pleasant at any time of the year. So in the summer you can see girls in traditional Russian costumes on the streets of the city, who, on one of the Russian holidays, for example, on the night of Ivan Kupala, make festivities – they sing songs, weave wreaths. In summer, you will be enchanted by the smell of lungwort from the fields and the taste of Suzdal honey. You can treat yourself to Suzdal salted cucumbers – here they are prepared according to special recipes, and you can even buy them on the main square of the city. In winter in Suzdal, you can ride a sleigh pulled by three horses, take part in hunting, and then drink hot tea on herbs with pancakes … Why not entertain? But first of all, guests of Russia come to this city to get acquainted with its sights.

Excursion trip to Suzdal for foreigners

Suzdal is a small town, and all historical and architectural monuments are located within walking distance. However, there are so many attractions that it is simply impossible to see everything in one day. The heart of the city is the Suzdal Kremlin. Unlike the Moscow Kremlin, it is made of white stone, but this does not make it less beautiful. Historians believe that the Kremlin appeared in the city around the 10th century, but not all buildings of the architectural complex managed to survive. The Nativity Cathedral, Nikolskaya Church and Bishops’ Chambers have been preserved. They are considered the oldest buildings in the city.

The spirit of the times is so well preserved in Suzdal that the city is constantly becoming the center of cinema. Films such as Snowstorm, The Tsar’s Bride, Tsar were filmed there, and in 2018, the series Godunov was filmed in Suzdal. Guests and residents of the city are periodically invited to take part in the shooting as extras. Do you want to put on a national costume and become part of something amazing? You definitely need to Suzdal! The most famous film ever filmed in this city is Andrey Rublev by Andrei Tarkovsky. The city even erected a monument to the director.

On a tour of Suzdal, our best guides will tell you everything about the history of the city and its sights, show you the most interesting architectural monuments. Comfortable transport will make the trip as convenient as possible, you will not need to worry about anything. By the way, the tour of Suzdal is one of the most popular among foreigners.

In Suzdal, you can see not only white-stone temples of extraordinary beauty, but also look at wooden architecture. So the Nikolskaya Church, which was built in 1766, is located in the city. There is also a museum of wooden architecture, where you can get acquainted with the life of peasants and boyars, see how the life of a Russian person looked like many centuries ago.

Another amazing building is the Spaso-Evfimofsky Monastery. This is a male monastery with a large territory, the construction of which dates back to the 14th century. The ensemble of churches and cathedrals is located behind a mighty defensive wall, which is also an architectural monument.

Rizopolozhensky monastery, Peter and Paul and Elias churches, shopping malls, Shchurovo settlement – and this is just a small list of amazing places in Suzdal that every guest of Russia should visit. If you want to touch the holy places, see Rus’ in all its grandeur, learn interesting facts about the history of Russia – we invite you on a tour to Suzdal for foreign tourists.


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