The Moscow Kremlin

Excursions to the Kremlin for foreigners

If you have come to Moscow for the first time, it is worth visiting the Kremlin tours for foreigners to get acquainted with the “visiting card of the capital”, “the main monument of history and architecture of Russia” and “the heart of Moscow”.

By purchasing tickets to the Kremlin for foreigners on your own, you run the risk of spending a lot of time, as they are always in high demand, so we recommend taking a tour with us. The Moscow Kremlin is a unique building with a rich history. First built in the 12th century, it was both wooden and white stone, and only a few centuries later it acquired its usual form. Bright red, with shining stars on the turrets, like from a postcard, it still surprises the guests of the capital with its beauty. To get acquainted with this amazing phenomenon of architecture, we invite you to our unique Kremlin tours. You should not limit yourself to a trip to Red Square and be content with pictures against the backdrop of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Being close to the main attraction of Moscow and not learning anything about its history is like not visiting the capital.

The Kremlin is not only a building of amazing beauty, but also a building that keeps many secrets. Our professional guides in any language of the world will acquaint you with the history of the Kremlin, tell you how it has changed over time and share stories about it with pleasure. Want to hear about Lenin’s ghost? About hanging gardens from the 17th century? Or maybe about how the authorities tried to save the Kremlin from destruction during World War II? Then feel free to purchase tickets for an excursion to the Kremlin for foreigners.

Tickets to the Kremlin for foreigners

The Moscow Kremlin is a whole complex of museums with exhibits that have no analogues anywhere in the world. So the Armory keeps more than 4,000 unique exhibits, including, for example, the Monomakh’s hat. She was crowned in the kingdom of all the kings who ruled until the end of the 17th century. Fur trim, gold plates, pearls and precious stones – is this not the hat of a real Russian tsar? The museum also contains household items and clothing, you can even see the throne of Ivan the Terrible. Made of ivory, it looks pale against the background of the gilded thrones of other rulers. However, look at the lining, and you will see scenes from biblical and mythological tales. Such a throne can be studied all day long – it keeps so many stories.

The Moscow Kremlin Museums have permanent and temporary exhibitions. Therefore, guests of the capital who have already been to the Kremlin can visit new exhibitions accompanied by our best guides. Excursions to the Kremlin for foreigners are also a visit to the Diamond Fund of Russia, famous for its collection of precious metals, stones and jewelry. A diamond weighing 342.57 carats, coronation regalia, tiaras of amazing beauty – this is just a small list of exhibits from the collection of the fund.

Excursions to the Kremlin are also remembered by foreigners for the extraordinary beauty of Russian churches. On the territory of the Kremlin there is an ensemble of the bell tower “Ivan the Great”, the Church of the Deposition of the Robe, the Assumption, Archangel and other cathedrals. Their bell ringing remains in the memory of tourists as a beautiful song of Russia.

Another “ringing” that foreigners come to the Kremlin for is the chiming of the Kremlin chimes. This is the main clock in Russia, which always shows the exact time. There is even a legend that they are connected to the clock of the Moscow Institute of Astronomy for accuracy. And the famous stars of the Kremlin? They say that each of them weighs about a ton! And these are just a few amazing facts about the Kremlin.

On a tour of the Kremlin for foreign tourists, we will definitely tell and show all the most interesting things, provide time for a photo session and answer all your questions.

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