Tour to St. Petersburg "Ballet, amber, Faberge"

Tourist tour to St. Petersburg “Ballet. Amber. Faberge is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of these three symbols of Russian culture. In three days you will have excursions to the main sights of the city, a visit to the ballet at the famous Mariinsky Theater, acquaintance with the world of amber jewelry and Faberge craftsmanship.

St. Petersburg is a city that will be remembered for a lifetime. Every corner is permeated with history, every house is a chapter of a great book. As part of the tour, you will visit Tsarskoye Selo, where the famous palace of Catherine II is located. Inspiring architecture, lush interiors and priceless art collections will not leave you indifferent.

The next stop on our tour is the Mariinsky Theatre. This is one of the most famous stages in the world, where you will see a ballet production by one of the best troupes in Russia. The professional skill of the performers, the grandiose hall and the atmosphere of incredible beauty – all this must be experienced at least once in your life.

Amber is a treasure of the Baltic States, a mysterious substance that fascinates with its shades and shapes. In St. Petersburg, you will visit the Amber Museum, where you will see unique exhibits made of this precious stone, as well as taste real amber chocolate.

And finally, the final chord of our tour will sound – the world fame of Faberge. In the museum you will see a collection of masterpieces of jewelry art, the fame of which was brought by the name of Peter Karlovich Faberge. You will be given the opportunity to participate in a master class on creating Faberge eggs, where you will experience the technology of the jewelry process on your own.

Tour to St. Petersburg “Ballet. Amber. Faberge” is not only an acquaintance with cultural attractions, but also an immersion in the unique atmosphere of this wonderful city. Such a tour will be remembered for a lifetime and will fill it with new vivid impressions and exciting emotions. To fully reveal the cultural heritage of St. Petersburg, it is necessary to spend more than one day here, because there are so many attractions here that you may need more than one tour.

3 days / 2 nights (Friday-Sunday)

May: 12.05-14.05, 19.05-21.05, 26.05-28.05;

June: 02.06-04.06, 09.06-11.06, 16.06-18.06, 23.06-25.06;

July: 30.06-02.07, 07.07-09.07, 14.07-16.07, 21.07-23.07, 28.07-30.07;

August: 04.08-06.08, 11.08-13.08, 18.08-20.08, 25.08-27.08.

What will you visit: The Kshesinskaya Mansion, the Faberge Museum in the Shuvalov Palace, the Catherine Palace and the park in Tsarskoye Selo.

What can be purchased for an additional fee: a boat tour “Along rivers and canals”, a show “Possessed Petersburg”, a walk along the Gulf of Finland on the Peterhof – St. Petersburg meteor, a bus tour “Night Petersburg”, an excursion to Pavlovsk, an excursion on the roofs of St. Petersburg.

We recommend hotels in the tour: Moscow 4*

Attention*: on holiday arrivals, the order of excursions varies depending on the work of museums.



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