VIP program for 2-3 days


Sightseeing tour of Moscow

An approximate route for a sightseeing tour of Moscow:

– Red Square is the main one in the city and in the country. The majestic Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin, the colored domes of the Intercession Cathedral, the red and white lace of the Historical Museum. The very heart of Russia.

– The resurrected temple. Walk near the most beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Savior over the Moscow River, panoramic views of the Kremlin from the embankment and the Patriarchal Bridge.

– Sparrow Hills is a very beautiful, mystical district of the city filled with amazing events and legends. Great view of the capital.

– Moscow City is a new business center, a futuristic complex of modern skyscrapers of dizzying heights.

— Poklonnaya Gora — eight centuries of history, the famous Victory Park, the largest complex of fountains in the capital, the highest Victory Monument in Russia


Tour of Red Square and Alexander Garden

Tourists will find themselves in the heart of the Russian capital on Red Square – Victory Square, on Revolution Square, in the Alexander Garden. Sightseeing: Eternal Flame and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the changing of the guard of honor, Alley of Hero Cities and Cities of Military Glory, Romanovsky Obelisk, Monument to Patriarch Hermogenes, Monument to Alexander I, Monument to Marshal of Victory – G.K. Zhukov, hotels “Moscow” and “National”, Manezhnaya Square and the Neglinka River, the Historical Museum and the Resurrection Gates, GUM and Kazan Cathedral, the Spasskaya Tower and the Mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Vasilyevsky Spusk. (The mausoleum is open for access every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm)

Excursion around the territory of the Kremlin with a visit to the cathedrals

Entering the Kremlin through the exquisite Trinity Gate, you will immediately see the building of the Arsenal, erected under Peter the Great, as well as the captured cannons of Napoleon’s army. Then you will walk along Ivanovskaya Square, you will definitely see the majestic and delightful Senate building, the legendary Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell, whose weight is about 200 tons. During our tour, the vast territory of the Kremlin will appear before you in a new light, you will be especially impressed by the Cathedral Square – the most beautiful and oldest in Moscow! It is surrounded by a majestic ensemble, which includes temples, the Patriarch’s Chambers, the Church of the Deposition of the Robe. These are far from all the historical and architectural delights that will appear before you in all their glory during a tour of the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. For example, you will be blown away by the nearby brilliant residence of the emperors of Russia of the 19th century – the Grand Kremlin Palace. An exciting tour of the Kremlin’s cathedrals will not leave you indifferent! The cathedrals, about which the guide will tell you incredible things during a tour of the Kremlin, were built in the 15-16 centuries, but to this day they are real stunning masterpieces of unique architecture. Annunciation Cathedral – 15th century, extraordinary jasper floor, murals that cannot be repeated today. Well, where else can you see this? Assumption Cathedral – the main temple of the great Russian state. Our guide will tell you how solemn and extraordinarily beautiful weddings to the kingdom took place here, how coronations and burials of patriarchs and metropolitans were performed. Icons, all utensils, murals are world-class relics, about which you will learn a lot of interesting things during a tour of the Kremlin.

Excursion to the Diamond Fund

The famous treasures of the Diamond Fund are unique nuggets and products made of precious stones and metals of the 18th-20th centuries, the most significant artistic and historical part of the Gokhran fund of the Russian Federation, a true state treasure.

The central exhibits of the Diamond Fund Museum include the famous seven historical stones weighing from 25 to 398.72 carats: these are the Orlov, Shah and portrait diamonds, giant samples of emerald, Ceylon sapphire, spinel and olive-green chrysolite gem.

The most famous items in the collection are the large and small imperial crowns, the scepter (its upper part is decorated with the Orlov diamond) and the orb, a diamond badge on a chain with a star of the highest order of the Russian Empire.

Any amateur photo and video shooting in the museum is prohibited.

Excursion to the Armory

Это одна из частей комплекса Большого Кремлевского дворца. Оружейная палата представляет собой музей-сокровищницу, где собраны драгоценные предметы, тесно связанные с историей становления Российского государства и веками составлявшие казну царской династии России.Не имеет аналогов в мире коллекция экипажей, которую представляет своим посетителям Оружейная палата. Экскурсии, которые проводятся в музее, уделяют большое внимание этому разделу экспозиции, включающему 24 образца экипажей, выполненных различными мастерами. К числу уникальных экспонатов, которые предлагает Оружейная палата Москвы, относится летняя коляска Екатерины II, напоминающая гондолу.Большой интерес вызывают у посетителей коллекция старинных часов, насчитывающая около 200 наименований, собрание парадного облачения российских коронованных особ, обширная коллекция орденов и медалей, которые также представляет вниманию гостей Оружейная палата. Экскурсии в этот замечательный музей не только захватывающе интересны, но и познавательны, в их ходе посетители узнают любопытные факты, о которых не сообщают учебники истории.


Excursion to the Izmailovsky Kremlin

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is a unique historical and architectural complex built in the style of pre-Petrine Moscow, located on the site of the craft workshops of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in Izmailovo.

The Izmailovsky Kremlin appeared quite recently (construction was completed in 2007), but immediately became a prominent landmark of the capital. The architectural ensemble of the Izmailovsky Kremlin was created according to the drawings and engravings of the royal residence of the 16th-17th centuries, located not far from this place. Today it is the cultural and entertainment center “Kremlin in Izmailovo”, the buildings of which are located on a hill, so the white stone walls, painted turrets, the dome of a wooden church, the blades of a windmill, fabulous, like toy roofs can be seen from afar. There are quite a lot of things on the territory, so take the time to examine everything carefully.

Excursion program “Russian Compound”

This is a trip to Russian antiquity. Guests are met by a guide in Russian national dress and escorted to the central square. You will take a brief tour of the historical events of Russia associated with the Izmailovo estate, you will see the history of a great country, the events of which were forever reflected in the unique architectural and historical appearance of the Kremlin in Izmailovo.

Excursion to the Vodka Museum

The museum has a collection that reflects the 500-year history of this ancient Russian drink. Here you will find more than 600 types of drink, old recipes from the 18th century, historical documents and collections of vodka bottles. In addition, the Vodka Museum is interesting in that it presents the oldest unique distillation apparatus of the 15th century. At the end of the tour, each guest will be able to taste a glass of vodka with cucumber for a snack.
The tavern of Russian cuisine with a recreated interior of the late 19th century forms a single complex with the Museum of the History of Vodka. The wine list of Traktir presents the richest selection of rare and original types of vodka – a traditional drink of Russian cuisine. And, of course, in the Traktir you can taste national Russian snacks: pancakes with caviar, pickles, pickled mushrooms, homemade pies.

The cost of a VIP tour for 2-3 days:

on the client’s car: 40,000 rubles. (guide-translator services) + 20,000 rubles. per person (tickets)
on our Mercedes Benz car: 65,000 rubles (guide and transport) + 20,000 rubles. per person (tickets)
Lunch, incl. for a guide-interpreter, paid by the customer additionally.

You can order a VIP tour for 2-3 days in Moscow by calling +7 495 920-48-88 or by sending a request to info@kremltour.ru. The cost of each excursion is calculated individually depending on its subject, duration and a number of other factors. The program of the day can be drawn up at the request of tourists and include any museums and excursion objects in Moscow, the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, historical sites and museums near Moscow.



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