Tours of the Red Square in Moscow

There is a place in Moscow that is literally the heart of Russia – Red Square. This is the historical center of the city, where the main events of the country’s history took place. We have to walk through this wonderful place and get acquainted with its history and architecture.

Red Square is a huge space surrounded by famous landmarks. The main territory of Red Square – the Red Brick Kremlin – immediately catches the eye. This is a truly majestic building, which now houses government offices.

However, the most famous on Red Square is probably the bell tower of Ivan the Great. This remarkable architectural monument was erected in the XVI century on the instructions of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and became one of the main symbols of Russia. There are four bells on the bell tower, each of which bears its own name and purpose.

In addition, the famous Lobny place is located on Red Square, where public executions were held in ancient times, as well as great celebrations and parades. There is also a monument to Minin and Pozharsky, famous heroes of the events of the beginning of the XVII century, on the Frontal place.

We can continue our journey through Red Square and meet many more bright symbols of the history of Russia. Among them is St. Basil’s Cathedral – a magnificent building that was erected on Red Square in the XVI century. The cathedral combines elements of Russian and Italian architecture and attracts the eye with its unique beauty.

No less famous symbol of Red Square is GUM – the main department store. This beautiful building was built at the beginning of the XX century and combines the classical style of architecture and elements of Art Nouveau. In GUM you can enjoy shopping, buy souvenirs and gifts, as well as relax in wonderful cafes and restaurants.

Red Square is a symbolic center of Russia, which is of great importance for all residents of the country and guests of Moscow. Walking along Red Square, you will be able to feel the historical spirit of Russia, enjoy the beauty of architecture and the majesty of centuries-old history.

The time spent on Red Square will leave an unforgettable impression and will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with historical places and architectural masterpieces of Russia.

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